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Discount Holy Land Tickets!

Discount Holy Land Tickets

Holy Land Discount Tickets

Enter a world of intrigue and awe when you travel through the pages of the bible on your quest for truth. Take the path of the Savior as the bible unfolds before your eyes in the most authentic recreation of ancient middle eastern artifacts. Immerse yourself in the Holy Land Experience, witness authentic sights such as The Scriptorium, Jerusalem Model A.D. 66, The Great Temple, Wilderness Tabernacle, Dead Sea Qumram Caves, Reflecting Pool and much more.

Get ready for a full day of adventure at The Holy Land Experience, a plethora of evidence presented by Biblical Archaeologists to validate the writings of God's Biblical messengers. Discover how God reveals his plan of redemption through various exhibits, release the voice of God through drama, music, and prophetic dance as the Spirit moves to convict the hearers thereof.

Holy Land Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Holyland The Scriptorium Discount Tickets

The Scriptorium
Built in a magnificent 4th century Byzantine architectural style, this 18,000 square-ft museum contains one of the greatest and rarest collections of biblical artifacts on earth. The Scriptorium provides a splendid collection of God's word as it was recorded in history.

Holyland Jerusalem Model A.D. 66

Jerusalem Model A.D. 66
This is the largest, indoor model of first-century Jerusalem in the world. It is a historically authentic reproduction of the city of Jerusalem as it was under Roman Rule during the time of King Herod the Great. Live 30 minute presentations are performed daily around the 45-foot-long by 25-foot-wide model.

HolyLand Plaza of the Nations/ Temple of the Great King

Plaza of the Nations/ Temple of the Great King
Enclosed within 30 majestic Roman columns crowned with golden Corinthian capitals, lies the Plaza of Nations and the majestic, six-story-high, one-half-scale reproduction of the Temple of the Great King.

Holy Land Calvary's Garden Tomb Discount

Calvary's Garden Tomb
This is a replica of the actual tomb where Jesus was buried after he was crucified. You can actually go inside the tomb to pray, read the Scriptures, or just consider the biblical implications of the story of Christ. There are also dramatic acts, performed throughout the day, that depict Christ's death and resurrection.

Holy Land Qumran Dead Sea Caves Discount

Qumran Dead Sea Caves
Explore the Qumran Caves recreation detailing the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Before the slaughter by Roman troops in AD 66, the Essenes a group of about 150 persons hid the Ancient Sea Scrolls in a cave almost 2000 years ago. Inadvertently, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered when the sheep-herder threw a rock in a cave in 1947. A huge land mass was used to recreate an exact replica of the Dead Sea Scrolls cave.

Holy LandThe Wilderness Tabernacle

The Wilderness Tabernacle
This a multi-media presentation of the story behind the mobile temple used by the Israelites during their 40 years of wandering through the desert. There is a 20 minute, sit down, presentation of the story along with a three-quarter scale of the model the Tabernacle itself.

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