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Discount Fun Spot America Theme Park Tickets!

Discount Fun Spot America Theme Park Tickets

Fun Spot at Old Town Kissimmee and Fun Spot Action Park in Orlando Discount Tickets

Fun Spot America is the ideal day/night out for fun seekers of all ages. Bring the kids out, or have a date night without the kids, but either way, fun is bound to happen! The greatest feature at Fun Spot would have to be the free general admission. If you're taking the children out for a day of fun, games, go carts, and more, buy them wristbands to ride all the attractions then get yourself in FREE. It's that simple. With so much to do at two GREAT locations, you and the kids are in for a great treat.

Fun Spot America - Orlando offers a two story arcade, bumper boats, go carts, bumper cars, thrill rides, and so much more! As you enter the building with FREE General Admission, guests will be in the presence of the lights and colors of the two story arcade and concession stand. The first floor is dedicated to games operated by tokens that allow players to win tickets that can be redeemed for great prizes at the prize counter. The second floor of the arcade is all about unlimited access to games on PS2, Nintendo Game Cube, Xbox 360, plus classic arcade games and racing simulators. Admission to the second floor is allowed with the purchase of a wrist band, but the first floor is all tokens, so jump on in to the gaming experience!

Outside, guests find MORE lights and even MORE excitement with the go carts, thrill rides, and even Kids Spot, rides specially made for the little ones. There are five tracks at Fun Spot Orlando, each with its own special features. The Commander, also known as the green track, is a beginner "figure eight" style track that features the double dip bridge. The Quad Helix Track, also known as the yellow track, is the longest track at Fun Spot Orlando and 1,600 feet long (487.68 meters) with twists and turns, straight-aways, and a lot of great fun. The Conquest, also known as the blue track, is 1,000 feet long (304.8 meters) and is the tallest track at Fun Spot. On top of the twists and turns offered on the Quad Helix, Conquest offers a hill that sends drivers and their carts down a semi-straightaway at a high rate of speed. This feature is great to get ahead of your friends and fellow competitors. The Thrasher track, also known as the red track, is one of two single level tracks at Fun Spot Orlando and hosts only single passenger carts, with slick turns including a 180 degree turn that'll send your cart sailing in a drifting fashion. This track is great for experienced drivers looking for the thrill of a good race. For all the small children that don't meet the height requirement of the other tracks, there is the Cadet track. This track is slower paced, and fits an oval style. The Cadet track is also a single level track.

Fun Spot at Old Town Kissimmee and Fun Spot Action Park in Orlando Discount Tickets

Aside from the go carts, Fun Spot also offers thrill rides for the older kids, young adults, and adults alike and a special spot for children under 7 years old called Kid Spot. For thrill rides, Fun Spot has included bumper boats and cars, Paratrooper, a tilting rotating ride and The Scrambler, a spinning ride that features arms with carts that spin independently from the ride itself. The Scrambler will definitely send you spinning, but it will also provide laughs and excitement all at once! The Revolver, a 100 foot high (30.48 meter) Ferris wheel gives riders a grand view of International Drive and surrounding areas. For the younger children, Fun Spot presents Kid's Spot, an area of the property hosting rides specially designed for children younger than seven years of age. This area features seven rides including a carrousel, Frog Hoppers, Super Trucks, Kiddie Swings, Classic Tea Cups, a kiddie train, and Panda Ride.

Fun Spot also has a location in Kissimmee that offers a lot of the same action and adventure as Orlando's Fun Spot including four go cart tracks, Kid's Spot, and thrill rides. Added to the fun at this location is The Skycoaster, the world's tallest swing. At a maximum height of 300 feet (91.44 meters) up to three riders are at the mercy of gravity and two cables that hold up to 9,000 lbs (4 082.33 kilo-grams) each. At the top of the Skycoaster, riders are counted down from three to one then a rider pulls his/her own rip cord to start a 120 foot (36.576 meters) freefall which then turns into a swing at speeds of up to 85 MPH (136.79 KPH). In addition to the Skycoaster, Fun Spot Kissimmee offers Hot Seat, G-Force Dragsters, Double Wheel, Screamer, Extraordinary Bike, and Flying Bobs thrill rides, a Midway Style arcade with prizes, an indoor black light mini golf course, and Speedway NASCAR racing simulators.