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Discount Disney Quest Tickets!

Discount Disney Quest Tickets

Disney Quest Discount TicketsCheck out Disney Quest!

Disney Quest is 5 floors of the best virtual gaming and the most interactive rides on the planet. Disney Quest gives visitors the experience of 3-d rides and virtual reality like no other. Disney Quest is located in the heart of downtown Disney's Westside near Cirque De Soleil. Disney Quest is the leading the way with virtual gaming and family interaction. You and your family can venture though pre-historic lands on a river raft. Fight rouge ghost pirates in a battle of a lifetime on the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. Build you own unique roller coaster and then you ride it! Let your imagination soar in the exciting adventure of Disney Quest.

When you enter Disney Quests you enter a transport center that takes you to the excitement. You enter an elevator that takes you to the 3rd floor. This is where the adventure begins. Venture port is where you begin; this is the hub to the four different zones. Explore zone, Score zone, Create zone, and Replay zone.

Disney Quest Discount Tickets

Disney Quest - Attractions Guide

Pirates of the Caribbean: ahoy swashbucklers!! Prepare to embark on an important mission to retrieve the gold. Fight off ghost pirates and search for the treasure.

Virtual Jungle Cruise: Enjoy an exciting raft ride down a pre-historic river. Be careful of the rapids and dinosaurs.

Radio Disney Sound Studio: Everyone is a star! Create your own song to a tune of a Disney theme song or a popular hit.

"I never really been the best singer but when I recorded my first song I felt like a superstar. My sister also sang with me, we are great together and we will prove to be a dynamite team in the future!"

Sid's Create-A-Toy: create your own hilariously twisted toy.

Daytona USA: Everyone, start your engines, enjoy a high octane race to the finish line with your family or friends.

"The Daytona USA game is a massive thrill. I really felt like I was burning rubber on the track right along side of the racing greats. Zooming around the turns at high speed, and down the straight away. Wow, this was so great I did over and over again. The people waiting in line were not very happy with me."

Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride: Soar through the streets of Agrabah in hopes to find the magic lamp that holds the genie inside.

"As a roller coaster buff I was skeptical but I was with my kids and they bugged me to go so I did. Getting my wife to go was another story but we all got in line. After making the most extreme ride ever created I got in line to ride it. Then I got inside the capsule to ride this vicious ride. I could not believe how real this ride was."

Ride the Comix: Here's your chance to be a super hero; this is where you and your family can fight off evil villains.

TWonderland Cafe: Yummy! The sweet delight of cheesecake fresh from the cheesecake factory. As you're enjoying this scrumptious treat you can surf the web and keep up on e-mails and stay connected to the rest of the world.

The Dance Zone: Do you got the fever? The dancing fever, then the dance zone is the spot to be on any giving night.

"Family and I went to Disney Quest over the summer. My favorite ride was the dance zone. I love to dance I want to be a dancer when I grow up so this was so exciting. My mom and I were dancing to some groovy beats. I never knew my mom could dance like that. I was impressed."

Classic Games: Enjoy the old school classic just like the hometown arcade.

Underground Arcade: Come and play in the largest arcade in the south east united states of America. All of your favorites are here at Disney quest.

Animation Academy: This 30 minute animation class will teach you all you need to know about creating a live working cartoon.

"Creativity is an essential part of this game. You don't have to be Picasso but you do need to posses some artistic skills have fun at this game. Even as a beginner you can learn some skills that the pros use everyday. I highly recommend this game if you have any intention of being an artist."

Disney Quest Discount Tickets

Disney Quest - Guest Reviews

"When my family and I went on the Pirates of the Caribbean boat we waited in line for a little while but it's a very popular ride. You enter what seems to be a room with white screens and cannons all around you. Even this blank screen looks exciting. The ride began with a little briefing and then you begin your voyage. After a couple minutes I got the hang of what I was doing, and then I really started getting pumped shooting ghost pirates left and right!"


"I brought my family down to Disney in July of 2006 and we bought a 5 day base with 4 fun visits. We were here for 8 days so me and my family wanted to see all of Disney. We did both water parks and all four of the major parks at Disney. On our second to last day we went to Disney Quest with one of our fun visits. The kids had so much fun they didn't even want to go back to Epcot they wanted to go back to Disney Quest all day the next day. I'm glad I got the fun options so the whole family has the freedom to explore all of Disney."

-The Carter family

"My wife and I are Florida residents and we go to Disney often. On one of our trips we discovered Disney Quest. From the way it is described I thought it might be just for young kids. Boy o boy was I wrong; me and my wife had a great time there. They have things for all ages. I got to play some old school games from the old days. This was a thrill and my wife and I have made a promise to come here at least twice a year."

-Mark and Sherry

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