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Orlando Attractions

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Ripley's Odditorium, Child Ticket (ages 4-12) $10.31

Enter Ripley's world of the weird and Bizarre were abnormal is normal, and the surreal is reality! Ripley a cartoonist, an explorer, modern Marco Polo, visited over 198 countries in pursuit of the odd and unbelievable. Now Robert Ripley's 1000 sq. ft. comprehensive collection of 400 exhibits and 16 galleries is housed in Orlando's world-renowned odditorium.

Take a quest through this vast collection of items compiled since 1920, touch and see the world's tallest man 8' 11" tall, the world's shortest Alypius figure 17" Tall, a real shrunken head, a Rolls Royce made with over 1-million match sticks, a man with double pupils in each eye, a genuine dinosaur skull, a headless chicken that lived 18 months, and the Light House Man just to name a few.

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