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Orlando Attractions

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Wonder Works - Museum, Child (ages 4-12) $18.99

You know it's not you're typical day when you walk into a building from its roof. And if you ask, "how did I end up on the roof of this building without climbing?" Well, the roof came to you. The Wonder Works is completely flipped. You could actually call it a building sandwich of sorts. The classically designed, 3 story tall building is on top of a brick warehouse. And if you think the outside is crazy just imagine what's on the inside.

There are enough oddities and rides to look at and experience you won't realize how time flies in this strange attraction. You can experience the sensation of 3.500 nails on your back, design and ride your own rollercoaster, take on the role of pilot in a fighter jet, land the Space shuttle, see what a magnitude 5.3 earthquake feels like, feel 65mph force wind blow you backwards, and so much more! Be prepared to be amazed!

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