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Four Days is the minimum amount of time you would want to spend visiting Disney World. That gives you exactly 1 day to visit all the zip code sized Disney World Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. With all the shows, eating venues, rides, and parades each park has you'll want to stick around for the whole day to experience it all.

Remember, Base tickets let you visit one park per day. For instance, you can go to Magic Kingdom on Monday then Epcot on Tuesday. One park per day. You can leave the park and return to the SAME park, later in the day, if you wish. You cannot leave and go to another park.

Hoppers will let you visit MORE than just one park per day. For example, you can visit the Animal Kingdom in morning (the animals are most active at that time) then go to Epcot at night to dine at the Bistro de Paris. You can hop between the parks as many times as a whole day will allow. Water Parks are NOT included.

Plus tickets let you visit the Disney Water parks in addition to the big theme parks. So, you can go to Hollywood Studios to start off the day then, when it gets hot, you can go cool off at Blizzard Beach. You will use up 1 theme park day and 1 water park visit by doing that. You can also just spend the whole day at a water park if you so desire. Hopping between the big theme parks is not permitted with these tickets.

Premium tickets let you Hop between the theme parks AND visit the water parks. These tickets give you all the options Disney has to offer. Visit Epcot in the morning, splash around at Typhoon Lagoon at midday, then catch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom at night. You have the option to really cover a lot of Disney ground in a day with Premium tickets.

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 4 day Base Disney Ticket for an Adult (ages 10+) 

This is a 4 Day Base Disney Ticket for an adult and will get you into all 4 of the Disney theme parks, one park per day. This is one of the best deals on Disney tickets that you will find.

 4 day Base Disney Ticket for Child (ages 3-9) 

You and your family will have a great time when you visit Orlando and the Disney theme parks. This 4 day base ticket will let your child see all 4 Disney parks! This ticket deal is one that you do not want to miss out on.

 4 day Disney Multi-Park Hopper for an Adult (ages 10+) 

When you purchase this ticket special, you will get 4 days of full Park Hopper access to the 4 Disney theme parks!

 4 day Disney Multi-Park Hopper for Child (ages 3-9) 

Looking for a great deal when you are going to visit Disney World in Orlando? Well, you need look no further because the best deal is right here. We are offering a child's (ages 3-9) 4 Day Disney Multi-Park ticket.

 4 Day Plus Disney Ticket for an Adult (ages 10+) 

Nothing beats a nice refreshing dip in the water after a few days exploring the Disney theme parks in Orlando. This ticket special will allow you to do just that. This is a 4 Day Plus (Base + Water Park option) for an adult (ages 10+), and you can use it for the 4 theme parks and 2 water parks.

 4 Day Plus Disney Ticket for Child (ages 3-9) 

This ticket is good for a child (ages 3-9), and it gives you access to all 4 Disney theme parks, on park per day, and it includes admission to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. These are two of the best water parks in town. Be sure that you check out this ticket for the ultimate Disney experience!

 4 day Premium Disney Ticket for an Adult (ages 10+) 

When you want to experience the very best that Disney has to offer you while you are vacationing in Orlando, you want to get your hand on this 4 Day Premium Disney ticket. This will allow you to hop between all 4 Disney parks, plus the 2 Disney Water Parks, Disney Quest, and all of Disney's Golfing!

 4 day Premium Disney Ticket for Child (ages 3-9) 

Your child will have a great time on your trip to the Florida, but when you get this 4 Day Premium Disney Ticket for a child (ages 3-9), you will see their smiles shine. This will get you hopping at all 4 parks and Disney's 2 water parks, Disney Quest and all of Disney's Golfing options!

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