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Busch Gardens Gwazi Discount Tickets

One of the rare things about roller-coasters these days is finding beautiful and elegant wooden coasters. Even if you aren't attracted to high speed rides, the shear size and design of these beautiful structures is awe inspiring. Some of the greatest architectural masterpieces are these colossal wooden roller-coasters, and unlike a building or a piece of art, these can be ridden. One of the world's largest wooden roller-coasters can be found at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Gwazi is a massive, double wooden coaster that stands tall and is easily seen from most areas of the park.

Busch Gardens Gwazi Discount Tickets

Named after a mythical creature said to have the body of a masculine lion and the head of a sleek tiger, the name describes the ride at its best. This wooden coaster is no laughing matter, and not one to be easily flirted with. With massive drops and sudden turns, the Gwazi roller-coasters are side by side some of the world’s greatest wooden coasters that boast to have some of the greatest experiences a coaster can offer.

Busch Gardens Gwazi Discount Tickets

The Gwazi isn't a singular coaster, that is to say that the Gwazi is two coasters side by side, a lion and a tiger. Race along side each other in constant battle as these two monstrous wooden roller-coasters name appropriately for there specific attributes are thrown about the track. Which one will you find to be faster? Each time you ride the deciding factor of the race is the distributed weight of the carts participants, you can try your luck at Busch Gardens Florida.



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