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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter in Florida

Winter in Florida is something to behold. It is just a series of cold fronts passing through, each front is different, in 2007 the temperature behind the cold fronts were quite cold, as low as 29degrees and there were some record lows, the temperatures up to now in 2008 have been record highs, it is February 13th today and a cold front has just passed through the State and the temperature today is 79 degrees and all this week the forecast is for higher temperatures 84/85 degrees.

For over twenty years I have lived in Central Florida and this has been the weather pattern, it has never been cold enough for me to complain and many locals wear shorts all through the so called winter, this is the reason I would never leave Florida, winters are beautiful and warm and for anyone with arthritis they must live in Florida. I cannot imagine spending winter anywhere else on earth with civilization and sun!