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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Wild World Right Below The Surface!

When you gaze off into the ocean, you may not realize that there is a entire world right before you, thriving and growing with life and organisms. Most of us are to consumed by the stress of our man made bounds. Financial responsibility, debt, courtrooms, hospitals, and all the things that make our lives easier tend to also have the adverse effect as well. So when one looks into the ocean they tend to symbolize it with peace. But what is most fascinating is that the world that dwells underneath the surface is actually just as complicated as and even more unforgiving than our world as we know it to be!

There is one place that you get a chance to experience the complexity of the world’s marine environment. At first glance the underwater world seems so simple. But really as you examine the lives of each individual species you will see that they all posses a purpose and a strong will to survive. The best chance to see the raw underwater world is to dive the great reefs around globe. But for those without the time or the money to dive all of those reefs, we have a place for you and your family!

Discovery Cove boosts the highest concentration of tropical fish in captivity that are not in a aquarium. Discovery Cove is a self sustaining, self cleaning, and very docile reef system. About 40% of the creatures at Discovery Cove were born there and know nothing other than the sheltered world they live in today. This is may seem cruel to contain such wild creatures, but they have a MUCH higher chance of survival with no predators to hunt them. This also means they have no need for any defense mechanisms, and co-existing with humans has been their life from the beginning.

Discovery Cove is not just about the fish, it is about the world's ecosystems as a whole. It has the largest free flight bird aviary in the United States. With in the aviary you will find exotic birds from every continent. Discovery Cove has some of the rarest birds that you will find in captivity. Not only do you get to see the exotic birds, but you can hand feed them! When you get to Discovery Cove you may ask yourself or an employee how to get inside the aviary? They have hidden the door to get inside. The other way is on the tropical river.

At just about every water park there is a lazy river the usually runs around the park. Most if them are concrete canals that have tacky obstructions on the edges. But the Tropical River at Discovery Cove is very realistic, with a rocky bottom and exotic flora that surround the whole river. Let the fast current rush you around the bends and underneath waterfalls. When you emerge from the fast flowing waterfall you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of the Aviary. The sounds of flowing water and chirping birds is enough to make you believe that you are in the middle of the rain forest.

So is that all you may be asking? NO!! The highlight of the entire day is a hand on swim with the dolphins is unique for Discovery Cove. When you come for you relaxing day you will be presented with a time for your dolphin swim. You will be trained before you get in with these 500 pound mammals. After the briefing, you and your group will be corralled in the lagoon where these Atlantic bottlenose dolphins call home. Once you get familiar with you new friends you will begin to learn all of the neat tricks that they can do. And don't worry they LOVE to show off! The amazing sounds that the dolphins can produce can rival that of birds and humans! Not only do they respond to simple hand gestures but the sound of a high frequency whistle that only the dolphins can hear. Just before you have to say good bye to your Dolphin pal, you will get the chance to ride on its back! This is such a thrill to be pulled at about 15 miles and hour on the back of a loveable Dolphin!

So if you already have your credit card out to make a reservation, set it down because there is more! They will also provide all of your snorkel gear and wet suits for the entire day. They will provide high quality food (all you can eat) for breakfast and lunch. You can enjoy unlimited Anheuser-Busch products for the whole day. With the package you will also get a free photo as you walk in to the park. Wait!!!! There’s more, everyone will get a FREE 7 DAY pass to Sea World or Busch Gardens!

All of this and more awaits as you come to experience the wonder that is Discovery Cove! Located in the heart of Orlando, FL.