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Friday, February 1, 2008

**The Funnest Spot is FUN SPOT**

Orlando is one of the most visited places in the world, and there is a reason. The reason is the amount of attractions located here. It takes people at least two weeks to enjoy everything that the Orlando area has to offer. Now there is something NEW to do in Orlando! Fun spot has been around for quite sometime but they have opened up a new Action park in Old Town.

Old Town is located about one mile from Disneys Main Gate and offers some really interesting shops and resturants. Fun spot is located right behind Old Town, symbolized by the 300 foot SkyCoaster that towers above the area. Fun Spot U.S.A. offers many heart pumping rides and go kart tracks to keep the whole family entertained. The biggest attraction to Fun Spot is the Sky Coaster. You and three others people will be lifted 300 feet above the earth. Then on teh count of three you will free fall back to earth and just before you crash into the ground....... you swing back into the air. The view from this point is nothing but amazing! On a clear day you can see Disney, Universal, Sea World, and Downtown Orlando! Fun Spot also has 4 really great go-kart tracks. There is the Vortex, which has the steepest banked go kart turn in the world! You must know that they do NOT like it when you try to run others off the track. I found out the hard way. They will put x's on your wristband and when you get three x's they will ban you from the go karts with no refund. So just be kind to others and drive with care. Not only do they have the Sky coaster and the go karts, but they also have many other rides including the Mosenoser which is a cheap variation of the tower of terror. It lifts you up and drops straight down. Very fun!!! They also have a ride that is like a bicycle that spins you upside down serveral times. All of these great rides are included in a unlimated wristband that in my opinon very cheap! Not to mention there is free parking, UNLIMATED SOFT DRINKS, and the close proximaty to Old Town where you can enjoy many other great shops and attration such as the haunted house or the wax museum!
There is also a older location on International Drive near Universal. They do have more smaller rides but the property is slightly older and off the beaten path. It is still very fun, I guess it all depends where you are staying at. Either location is fun and the unlimated ticket is good for either one. One feature that I love about The Fun Spot in Orlando is the giant ferris wheel! You can see all of Universal and even Sea world on a clear day. So which ever you choose you will have a blast at the Fun Spot U.S.A in Kissimmee or Fun Spot in Orlando Florida.