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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hitting L.A.

After leaving Rancho we decided to circum-navigate LA and head straight for the northern coast road and stop at Buellton, home of Anderson's Pea Soup Restaurant. You can eat all you want for a price around $8. I managed to eat 3 bowls; it was really good. It should be a must for weary travelers. We stayed the night in Buellton and had a good sleep. Then we were on to the wine area of California (this is one stop I've been looking forward to).

Up to now, my wife and family have been very patient, so we decided to stop at the next town. The landscape was beautiful green fields and gently rolling hills filled with grape vines and vineyards. We got to sample some of the local brews.

Whilst in the hills just beyond San Francisco we experienced a massive earthquake! It shook the ground beneath our feet and it frightened the children. I don't think they want to come and live in California anymore after that series of aftershocks ruined their dreams.