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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Airport Travel Made Simple

Most visitors coming to Central Florida arrive by plane. So, the Orlando International Airport is the first place many tourists see. The Orlando International is the 22ND largest airport in the nation by volume. It is the fifth largest by size. There may be over 90,000 people that will arrive into Orlando International on any given day. The Orlando International sees approximately 32 million visitors yearly. With this much traffic one can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes to make reliable travel possible. I tip my hat to those hard working Americans that provide services to enhance the tourism industry and provide the greatest amount of safety. When traveling to Orlando by plane, be aware of potential delays and large amounts of passengers per plane. Some cheaper flights may be crowded so, try booking first class or maybe a luxury plane.
Orlando is growing rapidly and the airport is becoming overwhelmed by record amounts of travelers. This in turn, is making security tighter and wait times longer. So when arriving to or leaving from Orlando, be sure to allow lots of time to get security clearance in to the gates. To make things run smoother please have bags opened and prepared to be searched. Be aware of any suspicious behavior and if you notice any persons acting in a unusual manner please report them to a security immediately. This may save your life and many others. Don't get the wrong idea about traveling to Orlando, these are just universal safety measures that should be practiced world wide. Orlando International has 129 gates all of which are separated into 4 terminals that are each connected by a monorail. The monorail takes passengers from the terminals to the main atrium where can retrieve there luggage, rent a car, and catch a shuttle to your hotel. The Orlando International is a main hub for several major airlines like Air Tran, South West, Jet Blue, United Airlines and several others. With this many airlines flying to and from Orlando the traveler is open to many different choices and availability for non-stop flights.
So, if you're coming to Orlando for vacation, business, or returning home.....
******* WELCOME TO ORLANDO********

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disney's beefing up security at the gate

Since the opening of the first Disney World Park in 1971, they have been finding way to improve the technology of the ticket identification booths at the entrance. They used to punch hole in the ticket for multi-day tickets. Then as time progressed Disney brought in a system that could measure the distance between your index and middle finger. This was space age technology at the time, but flaws were noticed and went unsolved until 2006 when Disney implemented a new technology that can detect a finger print. They do not actually identify you with the whole finger print. They don’t even take you name but they do store a portion of your finger print to record small units of spacing on your index finger. Disney has landed a contract with a large company that deals with security for Homeland Security and the F.B.I. Not only will this prevent thieves and cheaters from stealing, this will also stop ticket scalping. Disney will only get stricter on their tickets and hopefully this will eliminate all of the potential crime that Disney will be faced with in the future. Disney already has measures in place to search every bag or purse that comes into Disney. Security is not as tight as it is at the airport but, it is still a little inconvenient . If they can stop at least one terrorist I don't mind giving them a little more time to search me.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

More to do, comming soon!

As if there wasn't enough to do already, Sea World is unveiling a brand new water park set to open in 2008. They call this wonder Aquatica. Aquatica is shooting to become the top water park in the world. Orlando already has over 50 million visitors yearly and this attraction will only draw more tourist to this already popular area. Since the opening of Sea World Orlando in 1973 there has been many changes and new projects such as discovery cove and the Shamus show Believe. Aquatic is a new mile marker for this already famous attraction. This stepping stone will feature sandy beaches and vibrant flora from the south seas of the pacific. The main attraction will be the water slides that take you bolting through glass tunnels that allow you to see large whales and dolphins. You can also swim or surf in the state of the art wave pools that give the visitors 5 to 6 foot swells or gentle rolling waves like you would find in gulfs or bays. There will be adventures from serene to extreme and something for every water-loving traveler. Rivers will slowly wind through waterfalls and tropical bird sanctuaries that will take your breath away. Then there will be racing waters and rolling rapids that allow guest to jet though these rough waters. Long sandy beaches will span from one end of the park to the other and offer experiences like you would find on a Hawaiian beach. Cozy cabanas spot the beaches and tall oak trees provide shade in the hot Florida summers. There will be no place on earth like Aquatica. Central Florida and the rest of the world is waiting for the opening day in 2008. This world renowned park can only be brought to you by Sea World Orlando.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thrill seekers dream

When I think of Disney I have always thought of Mickey Mouse and the small world after all ride. That was great when I was little but I want excitement and I believe I found it. I have been to Disney over 7 times. My parents made it a point to come down to Disney once every couple years since I have been 13. Now I’ve got kids of my own and I want to make it just as magical for them as my parents did for me. I’m always doing research on Disney and the new and exciting things that are happening every year. Upon my research I discovered a company that sells Disney tickets online for an amazing price. They call it Ticket Momma. So now I can bring my kids more often and do more things because I can save money!! I also found a new ride at Disney! This is news that changed my life.
Nestled inside of Animal Kingdom there is ride like no other. Disney is not just for the little one anymore there is a wide variety of rides for people of all ages. I was worried that I might get bored with Disney and I wouldn’t want to take my kids as often because we have already done everything. But Disney is constantly changing. This ride is called Mount Everest and this is a prime example of how Disney is changing. Mount Everest looks intimidating at first but after the initial fear faded, excitement took over my body. My kids were so excited that’s all they talked about for two days before we went to Disney. As we got closer in line my heart began to race. To be honest I get a little scared when it comes to roller coasters. My kids are fearless and my wife is all for it but I get so skittish about roller coasters. My wife reassured me that I’m not going to die and these rides are tested daily. We finally got on the ride and my heart raced! The ride began and we took off from the station. My kids are yelling and screaming for it to go faster and I’m holding on for dear life. The ride got really intense going in and out of the mountain up and down the sides all over the place. And just when I thought it was over the ride began to go backwards! This was an interesting touch to an already amazing ride. We finally got off the ride and I was sooooooo glad to touch solid ground again. My kids wanted to go again and my wife was even begging to go again. I decided to sit this one out but not because I didn’t like the ride but because my body doesn’t like turns at speeds of 50 mph. This was a great experience for me and my family and I give credit to the friendly representatives at Ticket Momma.