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Thursday, November 8, 2007

To Disney! A family first.

It was our familie's first time to fly all together. We were off on our first holiday for 10 years and we chose to go to Disney World in Orlando.

We landed in glorious sunshine (a change from Manchester where it rains most of the time) and the Disney Magic shuttle bus was waiting to take us to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, one of Disney's Premier Hotels. This luxurious, Victorian-style resort offers a full service health spa, white sand beach, two outdoor pools, poolside bar, fine dining, fitness center, tennis courts, specialty shops, boat rentals, game room and much more.

My daughter soon decided to make use of the spa and my son was off to the video games room whilst my wife and I decided to check out the pool.

Later that afternoon, after our siesta, we set off for Downtown Disney to buy a couple of gifts for the family back home, and then we decided to go to Disney Quest. This is a five story building with interactive video games, virtual reality, and many ingenious items. We did not want to eat in Disney Quest the food was sub-standard and too expensive so we went to eat at Bongos, it was Latin food and quite delicious. We still had jet lag so off to bed we went.

Next morning, after coffee and pancakes, we all piled on the shuttle bus and off to the Magic Kingdom. It was hot this day so we drank plenty so as not to de-hydrate. We had to take the ferry across the lake to enter the park which took about 30 mins. First stop was Space Mountain, a roller coaster in the dark. We enjoyed this very much but we needed a little time to recover. I thought that the Mad Hatter's Tea Party was a tame ride, again it became a nightmare as these little tea cups started spinning like an out of control Whirling Dervisher. I felt sooooo sick after that ride I had to sit down for half an hour with my head between my legs, not a pretty sight!

Pirates of the Caribbean seemed to be O.K. for the family, just a gentle boat ride thru a scene of rape, pillage and plunder Disney style. Next we came upon Splash Mountain, a bit of a roller coaster with the final drop splashing thru a pool of water very dramatic, a few people got a bit wet, we all escaped. The organization and crowd control impressed me, we didn't wait in long lines, on average the wait was about 10 minutes, which means no wait at all, because by the time you have walked around all the safety barriers it will have taken 10 minutes anyhow.

After eating dinner we watched some fabulous fireworks then back to the Hotel for a good nights sleep!