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Friday, November 9, 2007

Suspense, Love, Action, and Food

We arrived early at the Arabian Nights Dinner Show, we were advised to get there early by Jerry at TicketMomma. On arrival we were met by a couple of dark Arabic looking guys, they are the ones that take your photograph (you can pick them up after the show if you like them). They also issue you with your seats.

We went inside and discovered many gift shops with trinkets from the show, there is also a fully stocked bar, we would have had to pay for drinks but Jerry gave us some coupons that allowed us to get free drinks, thanks a bundle Jerry!

At the sound of a trumpet blowing all the guests of the King and his family were called to their seats by the Sultans eunuch Mohamed, the local town crier. You see actually we are invited to a Royal Princess' Wedding. I personally have never seen a Arab wedding so I thought it might be interesting. We quickly sat down and were introduced to our server. We ordered the curry chicken and a couple of cold ones, and then the show started without delay.

The lights dimmed and in galloped the horses, they were magnificent Clydesdales owned by the Gypsies. They seemed to be having a ball, whooping and a hollering all over the place. Things came to a boil when one of the guests decided to ride one of the horses, it was very funny and unpredictable.

Next came the desert nomads known as Bedouins. They were a rowdy bunch but knew how to take care of their steeds riding up and down the arena wailing like banshees! After that came the Mythical Unicorn, only this Unicorn didn't look very mythical. It pranced around for ten minutes and then left the scene, my little girl was quite impressed (I think she still believes!).

There is always a baddy in the plot that's when the evil villainous horses with hot red glowing eyes appeared. They were soon put aside by the Kings Arab Stallions and the Sultans Army of Saracens, this was a great scene. One of my favorites was the Indian Mustangs all painted in war paint that glowed in the dark, very spectacular!

All in all the show was well worth the money (although I think I ate too much) and the Wedding Cake at the end of the night finished me off! A good night was had by all my family thanks to Ticket Momma.