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Monday, November 19, 2007

Discover Discovery Cove

This tropical oasis is located in the heart of Central Florida. There is no place in the world that you can swim with dolphins, snorkel with thousands of tropical fish in there Coral reef, and swim with stingrays. What I love about discovery cove is the interaction with all of the animals. There is so much to discovery here! I go to Discovery Cove about three times a year and every time I went it has been amazing. You really feel like you have been at the beach all day. The warm Florida sun accompanied by a serene tropical setting puts you mind and soul in harmony. Say good bye to stress and worry because at discovery cove, there is no lines, No screaming kids waiting to see Micky mouse. Just exotic tropical relaxation! When you first arrive they will equip you with a I.D. card with your picture on it. This card is very handy because you can attach a credit card to is and it makes your money easier to spend. But, that I.D. card is a great souvenir as well. They also take a photo at that start of the day that is completely complimentary. Discovery Cove is an all inclusive resort. Once your in the park you will have all the food and drinks that you want.
I arrived at Discovery Cove with my lady. After they took our picture and gave us our I.d we were free to do what we wish. They do brief you a bit about the park and they direct you to where need to go. wait... You don't NEED to go anywhere, You can do what ever you want once your in the park. The dolphin swim is the only thing that is scheduled at Discovery Cove. When we first arrive all i could think about was BREAKFAST!! Now i have heard some good things about the food here at Discovery Cove, but tourist don't know what good food is while there on vacation. They think everything tastes great. So I had to see it for myself. I was really impressed. The breakfast was a little above average, but not to impressive. But the lunch, as sir the lunch was fantastic! After breakfast we went on an adventure to find our lockers. To get to the lockers you have to walk across the sand. so Take off your shoes and let your day of relaxation begin! That was my train of thought. I needed a little relaxation. We got our wet suits and hit the water! The tropical river was about 85 degrees so it was a nice way to start out. The water falls are chilled so be aware! We were trying out our snorkel gear and just floating through the caves and around the twists and bends of the river. I have been on a lot of "lazy rivers", but this is much more. You really feel like you are swimming thru a mountain river in the Pacific. The river bottom is rocky and the plants seem to grow right out if the water. As we were floating down the river i picked a beautiful yellow hibiscus for my girlfriend to put in her ear. We flowed down the river and we came to a gigantic water fall. Mind you i love adventure so this is exciting to me. She on the other hand was a bit weary of this challenge. "Ready baby?" I asked as we both held our breath and swam underneath the waterfall. When we rose to the surface to get some air, we were surrounded by the Bird Aviary! There were ergot's, parrots, cranes, and all sorts of creatures. It was as if we entered another world. While you inside of the aviary there are staff members that will assist you with the feeding and handling of these exotic creatures.
Of course how could you forget the Dolphin swim! They sit you and your small group inside of a cabana and they teach some interesting facts about the Atlantic Bottle nose dolphins. As we approached the water I had this little bubble feeling in my stomach. I had been waiting for a long time to do something like this. Diego was our dolphin and he was extremely intelligent. He would scream like a little girl and he would give all of us kisses. He was so friendly and gentle, he seemed as if he could just walk out of the water with you and go dancing! There skin feels similar to a hot dog skin. Then at the end of the experience we all go to ride on the dolphins back. After that we went back to the coral reef and snorkeled until the sun began to go down. There was a few moments when i really felt like i was in the middle of the ocean. Floating on the surface looking down on the thirty foot wide stingrays gracefully swimming by below you, time just seems to stand still. The entire day was something either of us and everybody else in the park will ever forget. I plan to take my children to swim with the dolphins someday. By far this was the best experience in Orlando!