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Monday, September 17, 2007

A GREAT DAY FISHING at Mosiquito Lagoon

Last Tuesday my friend David and I decided to do a fishing trip to Mosquito Lagoon. The reason we chose Mosquito Lagoon was because we had heard from lots of anglers that this was the hot spot for Trout and Redfish. Well we left very early in the morning so that we would be at the launch site before sunrise to get the boat in the water and get the live bait. We arrived at Titusville on hwy. 406 and went to the Max Brewer Parkway. Half way across the Max Brewer Parkway right in the middle of the river was the launch site. Well it was still dark when we got there so we took our time putting the boat in. We went over to the first island and I got out the cast net to catch some live bait. I have never tried this before so after throwing the net about 12 to 15 times I finally caught about 3 dozen bait fish and a lot of laughing from David on my casting technique. Well we got back in the boat and started for Mosquito Lagoon witch was about 5 more miles up the river. We only got about a mile up the river when we noticed 5 dolphins swimming off the right side of the boat, man they are beautiful and stayed right beside the boat for about a mile. We also saw a mother manatee and her baby swimming together up the river. We also saw some ospreys and pelicans diving into the river and catching fish. Well we finally got to Mosquito Lagoon it was beautiful (GOD’S COUNTRY). We had to be careful because Mosquito Lagoon was only one to two feet deep in places once you got off the channel. I just bought a Jack Plate (It raises the motor straight up six more inches.) for my boat so that I could get into shallow water. Well we baited up and cast in. Well it didn’t take long about 3 min. and I got a bite. Man what a fight the drag on my reel was screaming and just about all of my line was out and my pole looked like an upside down U and I thought the pole would break in half but it didn’t and when I finely got it in it was a Redfish 19 ½ inch long and let me tell you it seem to take all of 5 min. to land him. WOW that gets the adrenaline going. While I was taking my Redfish off, David’s fishing pole came close to going over board, he had a snapper. That day we caught 3 Snapper, 3 Redfish, one 10 ½ lb. Black Drum, and a lot of lady fish. Not only was this fishing trip really relaxing, the boat ride up the Indian River was beautiful. Well next week its back to Mosquito Lagoon because it’s so big it will take some time to fish all of it. So if you are stressed out from work and traffic jams I suggest you go fishing.