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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Revolution into the past

We were all taught about the great history when Kings, lords, and dukes ruled the land. Castles and fortresses were built to protect the royalty and the people of the town. The laws were simpler but the punishments were harsher than they are now. We now live in a fast paced world fueled by technology and global economics. We have come a long way from trading cattle for fruit. But there has been a revolution on the rise, within the past 20 years the dark ages have returned from the ashes. In 1984 Medieval Times opened its first American castle in Kissimmee, FL. Being so close to Disney World boosted the attendance of this great show. After 2 years of operation the began to sprawl throughout the country. They used the great success of being near Disney to boost the next dinner show castle in Buena Park, CA. This of course was a huge hit with not only the tourists, but the locals as well. More soon followed as the years went on with the opening of Lyndhurst, NJ 1990 Schaumburg, IL 1991 Dallas, TX 1992 Toronto Canada 1993 Myrtle Beach 1995 Baltimore, MD 2004 and the newest addition in Atlanta, GA in 2006! Medieval Times is known nation wide, but the most recognizable location is the first location in Kissimmee, FL. Here they put on about 2 shows nightly 6pm and 8:15 pm depending on the night. There is a great attention to detail from the clothes all the way to the eating utensils. Here the proper way to eat is with your hands. that's what they did back then so why dumb down history. They did have knives and forks in that era so you can request those if you need them. Every location has a different story to tell, so just because you saw the show in Chicago doesn't mean you already know whats going to happen in California. When you visit Orlando, or any other one of these cities mentioned Medieval Times is a must have on your agenda. So come in and experience all the excitement for your self. Dive into the realm of monarchy and chivalry and unlock the story of time long forgotten! Only at Medieval Times Dinner show!