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Friday, June 15, 2007

Orange man, Green man, no it's the Blue Man Group!

New at Universal resort in Orlando Florida there is a very "hip" event happening. The Blue Man Group has been awwing people since the early 1990's. The Blue Man Group began in the streets of New York entertaning people of the street. They were soon given the task to create a feature lenght production to perform on stage. The idea stuck with the audience and the men painted blue were born as the Blue Man Group! These strange sounds they were making with objects that were not ment to be instruments are very captivating. They use tubes and pans to provoke strange emotions with in the listeners. Not only is the music mesmerising, but the show its self is powerful and hilarious. Blue Man began in New York and then spread through out the United States. Cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and chicago. they also have expanded themselves world wide to cites like London, Paris, Copenhagen, and Berlin. There blend of rock music and world class comedy is amazing, there like magicians but nothing disappears or reappears they just perform a show that is incredible. The new Orlando show is located in the Sharp Aquos theater in the universal resort. They put on such a great show that the theater is sold out almost every night that they are playing. The Blue Man Group show is packed full of excitment and very funny. So if your planning a trip to Orlando be sure to make a reservation with the Blue Man Group!