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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What will we do?

As spring comes to a close and summer fires up, something else is going up too. Gas prices! This is a massive problem to everyone. Even those who have fuel efficient cars or hybrids still feel the effect of the rising gas prices. The spike is due to a large shortage of refineries. several refineries in the mid-west have closed down due to complications. This is creating extreme shortages on our domestic supply of gasoline. The price of oil per barrel has not raised enough to change the price we see at the pumps. So why the major increase? More people over seas are driving now so this means less oil on the market for the rest of the world. This is a sign that we are heading towards a dark future. We need answers and we need them fast. Some people say that the fuel crisis is our grand children's problem. but at the rate we are going its our problem and we need a solution now. Is this the end of the world as we know it? Hybrids are a start but we need to be completely oil free. There are many quick fixes but we need to think more about our future. The gas prices effect everyone, even those that do not drive there own vehicle. High gas prices effects shipping there for rises the price of the products that need to be shipped. It also effect a lot of local economies like tourism. Orlando for instance derives a large portion of its income from tourism. So high gas prices mean less people on the road traveling to places like orlando. This should not deture people from going on vacation, they should put a little more money aside for the high gas prices. One thing everyone should do is practice gas saving techniques. some of those include: accelerate slowly, try not to stop suddenly for this will decreses gas mileage. So when planning a disney vacation remember to put extra money a side for unexpected gas hikes.