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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My First Trip to Universal's Islands of Adverture

A few weeks ago I went to Universal's Islands of Adventure for the first time with my cousins. The first ride that we went on was the HULK. Going on it I was both excited and scared! When I sat down I was still having second thoughts about riding, but I decided to stay on. When the ride starts you explode in to a high speed thrill through high drops and loops. You also get your picture taken but don't know where they take it, they catch you off guard. After the ride I was so glad that I stayed on, it was so much fun! Later that day we rode it again... well three more times!

After the excitement of that coaster we decided to ride something a little less extreme. We rode Dudley Do-Rights Rip Saw Falls. We knew that this was a water ride but we didn't think that we would get that wet because the people coming off before us weren't soaked. Once it was our turn at riding we were all fighting about we wanted to sit in the back... No one wanted to get wet! The log you sit in sat 5 people and we were only 4 so it ended up with no one sitting in the front. But the person who sat in the second seat was really wet at the end of the ride because you go down the fall you don't get wet... It is when you think you are done and you turn a corner and there are water guns that people put money into soak you!

Because we were already wet we decided to go on The Jurassic Park River Adventure. On this ride you get to take a river ride and see dinosaurs in their natural habitats. But then something goes wrong and you end up going pummeling down a hill into the river... To our surprise you don't get that wet.

After we decided to head towards the Dueling Dragons. This is a ride where two coasters, fire and ice, go off at the same time and you race through the tracks. At one point during the ride you think you are going to collide head first with the other coaster. When you sit in the front you see this other coaster coming full speed at you but just as you think your going crash you turn in to a loop. It is such a rush! We also rode this ride more than once.

Wanting to continue our coaster adventure we decided to go on The Flying Unicorn. Much to our surprise it wasn't a rush, it was more of a first time coaster ride.

Then we went on into the wonderful land of Seuss Landing. This is good for the younger children too. There is a tour of Seuss Landing, while you are on it you get to listen to a Dr. Seuss classic. Then there is the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ride when you listen to a recording and follow the directions. Then there is The Cat in the Hat, when you get to listen to the story of The Cat in the Hat while spinning through the book. You can also take a ride on your favorite Seuss character on the Caro-Seuss-el.

Later in the day we realized that we had missed out on the Spider-Man ride. It is a 3D experience when you are attacked by all of Spider-Man's enemies and in the end he saves you. We then went on Dr. Doom's Fear Fall on this ride you are sitting outside and it shoots you 150 ft. into the air and drops you!

The last ride that we went on was Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges. I do not recommend riding this ride unless you are prepared to be SOAKED!!! We are so glad that we chose this to be our last ride because we were completely soaked. Within the first 10 seconds of the ride I was done! It is a lot of fun, especially if it is a hot day.