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Friday, April 13, 2007

Thrill seekers dream

When I think of Disney I have always thought of Mickey Mouse and the small world after all ride. That was great when I was little but I want excitement and I believe I found it. I have been to Disney over 7 times. My parents made it a point to come down to Disney once every couple years since I have been 13. Now I’ve got kids of my own and I want to make it just as magical for them as my parents did for me. I’m always doing research on Disney and the new and exciting things that are happening every year. Upon my research I discovered a company that sells Disney tickets online for an amazing price. They call it Ticket Momma. So now I can bring my kids more often and do more things because I can save money!! I also found a new ride at Disney! This is news that changed my life.
Nestled inside of Animal Kingdom there is ride like no other. Disney is not just for the little one anymore there is a wide variety of rides for people of all ages. I was worried that I might get bored with Disney and I wouldn’t want to take my kids as often because we have already done everything. But Disney is constantly changing. This ride is called Mount Everest and this is a prime example of how Disney is changing. Mount Everest looks intimidating at first but after the initial fear faded, excitement took over my body. My kids were so excited that’s all they talked about for two days before we went to Disney. As we got closer in line my heart began to race. To be honest I get a little scared when it comes to roller coasters. My kids are fearless and my wife is all for it but I get so skittish about roller coasters. My wife reassured me that I’m not going to die and these rides are tested daily. We finally got on the ride and my heart raced! The ride began and we took off from the station. My kids are yelling and screaming for it to go faster and I’m holding on for dear life. The ride got really intense going in and out of the mountain up and down the sides all over the place. And just when I thought it was over the ride began to go backwards! This was an interesting touch to an already amazing ride. We finally got off the ride and I was sooooooo glad to touch solid ground again. My kids wanted to go again and my wife was even begging to go again. I decided to sit this one out but not because I didn’t like the ride but because my body doesn’t like turns at speeds of 50 mph. This was a great experience for me and my family and I give credit to the friendly representatives at Ticket Momma.