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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disney's beefing up security at the gate

Since the opening of the first Disney World Park in 1971, they have been finding way to improve the technology of the ticket identification booths at the entrance. They used to punch hole in the ticket for multi-day tickets. Then as time progressed Disney brought in a system that could measure the distance between your index and middle finger. This was space age technology at the time, but flaws were noticed and went unsolved until 2006 when Disney implemented a new technology that can detect a finger print. They do not actually identify you with the whole finger print. They don’t even take you name but they do store a portion of your finger print to record small units of spacing on your index finger. Disney has landed a contract with a large company that deals with security for Homeland Security and the F.B.I. Not only will this prevent thieves and cheaters from stealing, this will also stop ticket scalping. Disney will only get stricter on their tickets and hopefully this will eliminate all of the potential crime that Disney will be faced with in the future. Disney already has measures in place to search every bag or purse that comes into Disney. Security is not as tight as it is at the airport but, it is still a little inconvenient . If they can stop at least one terrorist I don't mind giving them a little more time to search me.