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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Airport Travel Made Simple

Most visitors coming to Central Florida arrive by plane. So, the Orlando International Airport is the first place many tourists see. The Orlando International is the 22ND largest airport in the nation by volume. It is the fifth largest by size. There may be over 90,000 people that will arrive into Orlando International on any given day. The Orlando International sees approximately 32 million visitors yearly. With this much traffic one can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes to make reliable travel possible. I tip my hat to those hard working Americans that provide services to enhance the tourism industry and provide the greatest amount of safety. When traveling to Orlando by plane, be aware of potential delays and large amounts of passengers per plane. Some cheaper flights may be crowded so, try booking first class or maybe a luxury plane.
Orlando is growing rapidly and the airport is becoming overwhelmed by record amounts of travelers. This in turn, is making security tighter and wait times longer. So when arriving to or leaving from Orlando, be sure to allow lots of time to get security clearance in to the gates. To make things run smoother please have bags opened and prepared to be searched. Be aware of any suspicious behavior and if you notice any persons acting in a unusual manner please report them to a security immediately. This may save your life and many others. Don't get the wrong idea about traveling to Orlando, these are just universal safety measures that should be practiced world wide. Orlando International has 129 gates all of which are separated into 4 terminals that are each connected by a monorail. The monorail takes passengers from the terminals to the main atrium where can retrieve there luggage, rent a car, and catch a shuttle to your hotel. The Orlando International is a main hub for several major airlines like Air Tran, South West, Jet Blue, United Airlines and several others. With this many airlines flying to and from Orlando the traveler is open to many different choices and availability for non-stop flights.
So, if you're coming to Orlando for vacation, business, or returning home.....
******* WELCOME TO ORLANDO********