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Friday, March 9, 2007

Danger of fires

For years Florida has been affected by powerful fires and dry wind. The fires are occurring because there is so much dry weather in the atmosphere and that's twisting with the warm air, which then sets sparks to the dry leaves which then erupts in a fire. Forecasters are observing a dramatic shift from EL Nina that results from cooling Pacific waters and brings less rainfall to the southeast.

Because the weather now is so hot it looks like there is no chance for a rain shower anytime soon. These wild fires put firefighters out in dangers way to try and put out the fires but they are so large that firefighters try to let the fires die out by their selves. A 75 acre blaze in Polk County driven by unexpected winds destroyed six homes and eight other buildings. These wildfires has cause lots of property damages in the millions, these fires are unpredictable and don't know when they are going to occur until it's to late.