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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bike week madness

Once a year many bikers come from all over the United States to join with their follow bikers for bike week. Their will be over 500,000 bikes and bikers at the Daytona Beach bike madness, and you know that once you have biker week you also have the cops looking out for any outrageous behavior and just making sure that everyone is safe for biker week. People come to Daytona and set up their tent and get ready for a week of fun and getting crazy, with bands performing, car shows presentation, beer and liquor and much more going on at this event. This biker fest is estimated to raise about $744 million into the area's economy, from little babies to people over 50 years of age on their bikes everyone takes their turn to enjoy this spectacular events and hope to share their memories with other bikers.
There are alot of bikes of famous models like Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, ninjas, that attend this famous events for many years. People have fun at this events that they plan for years and when they arrive they get what they expect, but there are also much accidents during bike week and because of that many people lose their lives because of other people not being safe and doing what they want and not thinking about other civilian around them. But bike week is a great event to get involved with and plus where you can see the ladies in their bikinis showing off the car event that are trick out and looking nice.
But in all it is great week for bikers to talk to other bikers and learn more about their experience and try to make it better than before.