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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


On February 2, 2007 there were three deadly tornadoes that hit the Oviedo, Lake and Volusia counties in Florida. The tornadoes arrived so quickly that people barely had time to take cover and hide. The tornadoes came early Friday morning and nobody really expected it. At that time some people were sleeping and died during the tornadoes, some were on vacation and other were visiting family members. Commissioners and council men are making plans to install sirens into the counties so everyone would get a warning of when a tornado is approaching. It will help people get prepared faster and take cover quicker. There were a total of 20 people that died in the tornado that were sleeping and was not aware of the tornado when it arrived and therefore did not survive this tragic disaster. Many trailer park homes were totally destroyed, many people lost valuable items that can not be replaced or sold and now there are people that are left without any place to sleep or call home.
Governer Charlie Crist visited the sites where the tornadoes struck and is now trying to help put things back into perspective. Crews began to remove all the damage that was left by the tornado in neighborhoods near Paisley on February 4, 2007. People who survive the storm described it as plenty of rain, wind, lightning and it was pretty dark and they did not know how it was going to turn out until now. Some are just coming back from their vacation and from their families to discover that their house is completely destroyed and all they have worked so hard for has just gone and now there's no place to go to call home. Lake County official Kevin Lenhart told CNN Television, "This storm moved in the middle of the night into early morning, so fast that it was the worst and deadliest possible time, especially while people were sleeping and was not even aware of the storm and died in their sleep. It's just sad to see innocents caught in a deadly storm and can find no way out of it to save the lives of themselves and their family.