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Friday, February 16, 2007

Orlando officials please with their journey

Bradon Fisher did not venture outdoors for their scheduled wrestling demonstration. Officials from Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau were pleased with the Orlando Oasis promotion held Thursday morning in times square. Actors soaked in a hot tub, Disney characters waved to passers by and performers with medieval times, the event which attracted the attentions from outlets such as Good Morning America, launched Orlando's new $68 million advertising campaign. New York City is Orlando's largest market outside of Florida, with about 1.5 million annual leisure travelers, according to the bureau.
Orange County Mayor Rich crotty called the event a great investment and said it set the foundation for the region's on going tourism. At the event, fake palm trees blew int the brisk wind as taxis rolled by in the blush, staffers from the visitors bureau and tourist attractions huddled in coats, some hopping up and down to stay warm. The penguins were flown to New York on a corporate jet. The animals can withstand 30 degrees weather and originally were going to walk around in front of the performers, said Sea world's senior aviculturist Antonio Fernandez.
Zoraida Pacheco of Queens N.Y. squinted at the thermometer on stage. It looks like the climate is much better there said Pacheco, who usually goes Atlantic City, NJ on vacation. But he understood the promoters rationale maybe they are going to catch people in seasonal depression.