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Friday, February 23, 2007

Disney gowns for brides and princess

Ever thought about getting married in a Cinderella gown, well now is the chance. The Disney company is trying to make money for selling gowns for brides and little princess, which is doing good so far. Disney and bridal designer Kirstie Kelly have developed a line of ethereal gowns that pay homage to Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel and the wonderful Sleeping Beauty.
Since all the little children are into the Cinderella movies and story tales, why not make a gown to be like Cinderella and look like her to with the gown. The gowns will be priced from 1,200 to 3,000 dollars and will benefit Disney in many ways, there will also be showing the gowns off in a magazine or catalog. The plan has be under construction for quite some time and now they have decided to let the public now what Disney is creating for the business.
The gowns being made for ages 3 to 6 for little girls because it gets the attention of the little ones and not so much of the older ones. Now they also have the gown for the grown and sexy women who are about to get married and spend the rest of their life with that very special person. So hopefully they will be good in business and will keep the gown dress in business.