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The new addition to these award winning dinner shows is the fun, comical and adventurous story of the three Musketeers. As the third installment in their list of shows this a whole new way for you to enjoy a night while you are in the Central Florida area. When the sun goes down your entertainment doesn’t have to end. With a dinner show you can enjoy a meal and a show, the perfect way to end any night! This legendary and classic tale comes to life live before you on stage in the Pirates Dinner Adventure arena. Full of sword play and intense fights that will have you on the edge of your seat the Three Musketeers brings a new twist to the classic tale of three incredible heroes. Pirates believe that Central Florida is desperately in need of some new content and entertainment, and that’s just what this venue brings to the table.

New additions to the cast alongside the original Pirates Dinner Adventure crew bring all new sorts of talent to this show. Complete with a comical monkey, dogs, chickens and even three new horses the show has spectacular new additions that will have you speechless, roaring with laughter and cheering the whole time. You and over eight hundred guests will enjoy this award winning performance from the edge of your seat with a delicious meal in front of you.

This classic story takes place in the Seventeenth Century, on board the royal houses maiden ship, a massive Spanish galleon floating on a stage of water. Our heroes explore this world of romance, bravery, comedy, and action right before your eyes. In fact, this show features more action than the original Pirates show did! As the royal maiden embarks on a weeding voyage the tail takes a dark turn and our four heroes find themselves in a dangerous encounter where skill and cunning is the only way to save the day. With the bravery of D’Artagnan and the wisdom of three friends the Three Musketeers will outwit their enemies at every turn. The surprise ending to this show will have everyone shocked and amazed, guaranteed!

The show includes a three course French cuisine dinner and pre-show appetizers.